Mt. Pleasant’s Island Park to find an outdoor skating rink

Years ago, Mt. Pleasant had an outdoor rink that community members could enjoy during the winter. Now it’s coming back.

Located on N. Main Street, the Kaye Bouck Youth Softball Field at Island Park Field # 1 will be transformed into a seasonal outdoor skating rink. Once the season is over, the equipment will be stored until next winter so that the baseball field can be used for summer activities.

Philip Biscorner, director of parks and public spaces for the city of Mt. Pleasant, says they wanted to bring back this feature because there aren’t many options for outdoor skating in the area.

“We don’t have a lot of outdoor activities and the climate we had 15 to 20 years ago, where most people set up ice rinks in their own backyards. For an outdoor activity, it adds that element without being a special event, ”says Biscorner.

He hopes people will use the rink to learn to skate or just come and enjoy the company of others.

Construction will begin once the temperature is consistently below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, as there must be five consecutive days of temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit at night to create the rink. Nearby parking and existing field lighting offer skaters the opportunity to enjoy extended hours at the rink, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

To stay up to date on the rink’s progress, visit or

Danielle Patrick is a Chesterfield resident who is passionate about writing about the community of Mt. Pleasant. In addition to her freelance work with Epicenter Mt. Pleasant, she also publishes journals for Ignite Donuts and is a writer for Grand Central Magazine. She is expected to graduate from Central Michigan University in December 2021 with a BA in English. Follow her on Instagram @_daniellepatrick_.

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