MTN DEW’s new skateboarding campaign featuring pro skaters will ‘unblock’ off-limits spots around the US for skaters

Tuesday, June 21 has been celebrated as Go Skateboarding Day since 2004, a movement that encourages skateboarders around the world to get out on their boards and bring members of the sport together.

However, in many places around the world, including the United States, skateboarding is still frowned upon at best and illegal at worst. with the video going viral on YouTube.

Skateboarding may have made its Olympic debut in 2021, affirming its status as a legitimate sport to millions of viewers who might have thought otherwise, and programs around the world are receiving unprecedented support and resources to help countries develop their next professional skaters and potential future Olympians. .

However, access to places to skate is still difficult in many cities, especially among street skaters, who often skate public feature films and film video games at well-known landmarks rather than skating in sanctioned parks.

In its new summer skateboarding campaign, MTN DEW
which sponsors a professional skate team and is the designated sponsor of the annual Dew Tour action sports competition, is trying to “unlock” some of these spots in the United States for skateboarders.

The campaign, Skateboarding Is Unstoppable, was announced on Tuesday and will lead into the Summer Dew Tour at Lauridsen Skatepark in Des Moines, Iowa on July 29-30. Lauridsen, now the largest skatepark in the United States, will host the Dew Tour for the second year in a row and will be free to spectators.

Beginning in July before the Dew Tour, the tour will hit four spots across the United States that represent the hometowns of MTN DEW Pro Roster athletes: Burlington, Vermont, with Chris Colbourn; Inglewood, Calif., with Theotis Beasley; Albuquerque, New Mexico, with Mariah Duran; and Kansas City, Missouri, with Sean Malto.

Each spot will “unlock” skate spots for locals that are otherwise off limits. Content creators and locals will also be filmed at each spot on the “Unlock the Spot” tour and interviewed about what inspires them to skate, culminating in a Skateboarding Is Unstoppable video montage.

Social media images will be shared on the Dew Tour and MTN Dew channels along the way, and information on when the tour will arrive at each location can be found at

Other events and competitions have attempted to open spots otherwise off-limits to local skaters. In October 2021, the first-ever Streetstyle Open was held in Des Moines in partnership with Red Bull, working with the local government to allow skaters to compete at venues such as the Iowa State Capitol People’s Plaza and Railroad Park.

The skateboarding community is a microcosm of the larger population in the United States. Rather than criminalizing skateboarding, local governments across the country should work with their recreation organizations and other advocates to find ways for skateboarders to safely enjoy the public features of their cities.

It’s one of the few sports that can be played almost anywhere and requires very little equipment, and the sense of community it fosters can be as important to those involved as the physical activity.

When Des Moines hosted the Dew Tour and then, a few months later, the Streetstyle Open, there was “a lot of politics involved in showing people all the good things about skateboarding,” the chairman of the board told me at the time. Skate DSM, Norm Sterzenbach. Acknowledging that “this gets bad press, especially among business owners who have had to evict children from their facilities,” by working with the local Chamber of Commerce and Board of Supervisors, Skate DSM was able to show business leaders local business skateboarding events in the city would have a positive social (and economic) impact.

Other cities can use Des Moines as a model to make skateboarding more accessible – and soon they will have more examples in Burlington, Inglewood, Albuquerque and Kansas City.

Duran, who grew up skating with his brothers in Albuquerque, was among the very first group of athletes to compete in skateboarding at the Tokyo Olympics. But as a street skater, filming local spots is still an integral part of her identity.

“I will never stop learning new tricks and filming on the streets with my friends,” Duran said. “It really brings me joy, and I can’t wait to unlock a no-go zone in Albuquerque to skate with my childhood friends and the ever-growing skate community back home.”

“Even though it is now an Olympic sport, skateboarding is still banned in most public spaces and many prominent skate spots are off limits,” said Matthew Nielsten, Senior Marketing Manager at MTN DEW. “Skateboarding Is Unstoppable was designed to celebrate what makes the sport special for over 9 million active skateboarders in the United States and find ways to make it more accessible.”

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