Nathan MacKinnon is skating – and shooting pucks with “full force” – today in Denver

Nathan MacKinnon was skating and throwing pucks today at the Avalanche training facility this morning. I didn’t witness it myself, but a few eyewitnesses told me he didn’t seem to bother him too much. In fact, an eyewitness told me that number 29 fired pucks “with all his might.”

Sooo…..maybe it wasn’t as bad as we first feared. And then, who knows ? It’s not expected there will be an update on MacKinnon until tomorrow. But that’s certainly interesting news, huh?

Again, I’m told MacKinnon was shooting pucks and looking like himself. He returned to Denver yesterday morning and the Avs beat the Calgary Flames 2-1 without him. That makes the Avs 20-2-3 in the last 25 games he’s missed.

MacKinnon fought Minnesota’s Matt Dumba during Sunday’s game at Minnesota, and it was feared he suffered the injury there. Jared Bednar said the cause for the alarm with MacKinnon and potential injuries was “high”.

If I hear more later, I’ll let you know. Maybe the Avs dodged a bullet here. We’ll see.

UPDATE: In fact, I’ve since seen a video (I won’t post it though) and MacKinnon rips one-timer after another into it. Skills coach Shawn Allard gave him pucks for one-timers. It didn’t look like a serious hand injury to me.

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