New American Skating Coach Has Never Skated – NBC4 Washington


A new American skating coach who helps athletes train for the 2022 Winter Olympics has never skated himself.

Jimmie Manners is a professional dancer who grew up in ballet, helped choreograph the movie “Step Up 2” and performed with Jennifer Lopez in her shows in Las Vegas.

“My mother, who was very stubborn, used to say to me: OK, you are not going to be in these streets; you’re gonna be in these ballet lessons, and I just loved it, ”Manners said. “It was for me.”

When the team texted Manners asking him to join in, even he was confused.

“As soon as I saw ice skating, I was like, no, I was scrolling that, and it kept happening again,” he said.

This year all competitive ice dancers are required to do a hip hop routine, which is Manners’ specialty. At the Ion International Training Center in Leesburg, Va., Manners makes sure their movements are perfect.

“For me, the translation from ground to ice was actually almost seamless because there is no friction on the ice,” he said. “I felt like I was able to do more. “

“I think it’s really innovative, what he does and how he works with us, and it definitely takes the sport to the next level,” said ice dancer Lorraine McNamara.
While helping his skaters go for gold, Manners also has his own plans.

“My goal this year, however, is to learn to skate,” he said. I don’t think it will be difficult enough. “

Manners spent much of his childhood in Prince George County and attended Pullen Creative and Performing Arts Academy in Landover.


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