New Christian Charter School in Marshall to Begin Classes in August | New

Enrollment is underway for a new Christian charter school in Marshall and classes will begin in August.

The Heart Dream Christian Academy, located at 1315 Calloway St. inside the former Robert E. Lee Elementary School building, is currently accepting enrollment for students in kindergarten through sixth grade.

The new school will hold an open house from 2-4 p.m. on July 23 at the school. Guests will walk through the renovated school building and see the classrooms where students will learn through the Abeka curriculum.

The facility, half of which is a nursery for the youngest and the other half of the new academy for students, also includes an outdoor play area for children of various ages. The updated facility is also locked down at all times for security reasons and allows for a parent sign-out process to control students out of school.

Classes will begin at the academy for the 2022-23 school year on August 11.

Heart Dream Fellowship Pastor Emmett Gagnard and his wife Vickie Gagnard came up with the idea for a Christian charter school when they bought the old elementary school campus in 2017 and opened the daycare in 2018 after getting the appropriate permit.

The couple and their church purchased the property with a mission to help the community, leading to the church’s current theme, “My Community, My Responsibility”.

“After many years of dreaming and pre-planning, my wife and I are thrilled to open Heart Dream Christian Academy this fall,” said Pastor Gagnard. “We are now announcing pre-registration and pre-registration for kindergarten through sixth grade. We will expand in the future to include all grades, but for now we are starting with kindergarten and elementary.

The pastor said all staff and teachers have been hired and certified teachers will be teaching students the Abeka curriculum. The academy is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International, which provides accreditation to private and charter Christian schools.

Those interested in enrolling in the new academy should contact the school by calling (903) 935-5289 for enrollment information and applicable fees.

“We are committed to teaching the values ​​and curriculum that underlie our American way of life, and that includes showing our allegiance to Almighty God, whose blessings we recognize and believe should be part of the education of every child,” said Pastor Gagnard.

Heart Dream Christian Academy will include a classic academic education coupled with biblical and patriotic values, character building, creativity and innovation.

The Gagnards also plan to expand the facility in the future by using the space on the property to add an ice rink and miniature golf course to allow children a safe and fun place to socialize.

The Heart Dream Christian Academy Advisory Board is made up of current educators and educational consultants who have years of experience in the field of education.

“In addition, the Gagnards have brought in a longtime Christian school administrator, Carl Teel, who serves in an advisory role,” the advisory board said in a statement. “Administrator Teel knows all about Christian schools. He helped us with program selection, policy information and helped with ACSI membership. We are grateful that he was there to guide us through the training and start-up process.

Teel said the academy is in a good position to begin providing high-level education to students in the community.

“It was very important for Heart Dream Christian Academy to join ACSI for its academic status,” Teel said. “I was also delighted that after evaluating various programs, the advisory committee chose the Abeka program. Abeka’s school program is a well-established Christian educational program that is superior in every way.

Pastor Gagnard said he and the academy staff are eager for the school year to begin.

“The pioneers who built America used the genius of the one-room schoolhouse to educate all children for generations, resulting in a high degree of advancement and industrialization,” he said. declared. “In a modified way, we will use some of the same teaching techniques of the pioneers by grouping our students into certain combined classes for core subjects. By reviewing lower level content daily and previewing higher level content, each student will fill all learning gaps that will result in an advanced and superior education.

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