Northshore Inline Marathon and Skate Fest Weekend

DULUTH, Minnesota – Skaters head north for the 26th annual Northshore Inline Marathon and Skate Fest this weekend.

It is known as the largest skating race in the country, with more than 2,000 people taking part in the numerous in-line skating, roller-skiing and running events.

The full marathon race is more than a slide, runners will cover 26.2 miles in a straight line at the end.

“What’s really unique about this is that it’s a race from point A to point B instead of going around and around,” said executive director Skeeter. Moore.

It begins at Two Harbors, travels along the Lake Superior shoreline, navigates the tunnels of Highway 35, and ends in downtown Duluth along the William a. Irvine.

Moore further explained, “There are about 38 people who have made the 25s, so it becomes a tradition. It becomes a meeting for many of these people to see each other.

Top competitors from all over will take part in the races, including Olympians, professional hockey players, professional speed skaters, and more.

Take it from Massachusetts resident Lisa McDonnell, “I was a roller skater, turned pro when I was 21. For years my parents were in the business, so when I put the blades, I felt comfortable.”

McDonnell added: “This is my second marathon. My first was in Sarasota, Florida. I ran 26.2 miles in an hour and 51 minutes, so hopefully I can get through this marathon.

Competitors were able to stop at a range of vendors on the entry site, including the Rollerblade brand.

“It was really cool to see which brands want to reach the skate community. Not all of the sellers here are part of the skate community, but they understand that skaters have needs like any athlete,” said Myles Cotter Sparrow, marketing coordinator for Rollerblade.

The marathon starts at 8.45am on Saturday morning, along with a handful of other roller skating/skiing and running events.

Rain or shine, organizers say the races will continue.

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