“Nothing is impossible”: a girl with one leg skates effortlessly

In the face of difficulties, the will allows us to persevere. Joyful celebrations after achieving goals and overcoming difficulties often win praise from netizens. One such heartwarming clip featuring the Argentine National Adaptive Skating Champion has gone viral and has melted hearts online.

The clip shared by Good News Correspondent shows a specially fit daughter, Mily Trejo, who has only one leg, skates effortlessly on a skating rink. As the people gathered there cheered loudly, the young girl was seen raising her arms and concentrating on her performance. After completing the feat, the daughter glides over to her mother and gives her a warm hug with a wide smile on her face.

Watch the video here:

“Nothing is impossible. Mily Trejo is the Argentine National Adaptive Skating Champion. Mom’s hug at the end,” the clip’s caption read. Since being shared on Saturday, the clip has garnered more 12,000 views on Twitter. The girl’s effort inspired many online. One user commented, “You skate beautifully!” Another user wrote, “Omg wonderful amazing kid bravo.” A third user commented, “If you’re having trouble motivating yourself, you’re just not trying hard enough!”

In September this year, a video showing a disabled boy drawing a painting went viral on social media. The boy was seen tweaking a painting using a brush held in his amputated hands.

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