Omaha is making up for lost time with park projects

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – There are a lot of people in the city parks around Omaha, and we’re not talking about playgrounds, we’re talking about projects.

“We have playgrounds this year, we have spray grounds this year, we have trails this year,” said Matt Kalcevich, director of Omaha Parks, Recreation and Public Property. “It’s just exciting that these are things that people are going to be able to see and use.”

Between 50 and 75 projects are underway, from replacing damaged concrete to master planning and more.

“We’re playing a bit of catch-up in the weather that we just got out of and so one of the spray pitches that was down last year, the Morton spray pitch in the south part of the city, is going to get skinned. new. rubber surface that will reactivate this facility,” Kalcevich said. “We know that when the days get hot, we know how valuable these spaces are for people to cool off, especially young people.”

Other projects are the result of planning, to bring what is needed to neighborhoods that are home to places like Schroeder Vogel Park and Grace Young Park.

“Neighborhoods were involved,” Kalcevich said. “They’ve been giving us feedback and feedback and we’ve just done a quick assessment and survey of what’s available, and in both of those cases the removal of those two facility shelters that were really no longer in use has opened up a landscape and a visual in the park and we have more green space that we can develop now, it’s almost like a new space.

One area that has seen major work completed, and more in progress, is Tranquility Park along 120th Street from W. Maple Rd. to Fort Street, covering over 370 acres.

Construction on 120th continues, but the road is open again, with a new bridge in place, all to make way for increased traffic to the ball diamonds, tennis courts, skating rink and more. There are also other parks nearby.

“You go to the other side of Maple and you have Heflinger there with the BMX and dog parks and you have cricket groups, and you go north of us here and you have the Kelly complex, which is buzzing just that time of year with adult activity.

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