Parents speak out after 6-year-old drowned at summer camp in St. Louis County

“We just want to find out the truth. We’re going to find out what happened,” Travone “TJ” Mister, Jr’s parents said.

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. — “He was a very happy kid. I think he came out with a smile,” Olga Mister said.

“He was ready for the world,” said Travone Mister, Sr.

The gentlemen’s hearts beam with joy whenever they think of their baby boy, Travone “TJ” Mister, Jr.

“Our son was so ahead of his age. He was so smart and always curious,” the boy’s father said.

“His favorite place was the St. Louis Zoo. He wanted to be a firefighter. He had a bright future ahead of him,” the boy’s mother said.

Now, the Affton couple’s heart aches.

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“We don’t wake up with TJ in our bed anymore. We don’t hear the little sounds of his footsteps in our house anymore,” Travone Mister said.

“He doesn’t jump on the trampoline in our garden anymore. It’s heartbreaking,” said Olga Mister.

TJ was six years old and the youngest of four.

July 20 marked his third day of summer camp at the Kennedy Recreation Complex near Wells Road in southern St. Louis County.

“He really enjoyed summer camp,” the boy’s father said.

“He did a handprint on the second day. We have it on our fridge,” his mother added.

His parents say that in the morning, TJ and other children went ice skating at Meramec Sharks on Lemay Ferry Road.

After that, the children went back to swimming at the recreation center.

However, in the afternoon, TJ’s mother received a heartbreaking phone call.

“It was really shocking. I think we are still going through shock stages,” Olga said.

Police told 5 On Your Side they drove to the recreation center and found the boy unconscious in a swimming pool.

Investigators say rescuers and paramedics performed CPR on the child.

However, the precocious little boy, who was eager to go to first grade next month, died in a hospital.

“It’s very difficult and we still don’t know what happened. They don’t give us any information,” Travone Mister said.

“I let the camp know that he couldn’t swim,” said Olga Mister.

St. Louis County spokesman Doug Moore said at the time that there were “several children in the shallow end of the pool, which is about four feet deep.

Moore says that at this time, their Parks and Recreation Department and the St. Louis County Police are still conducting separate investigations into TJ’s death.

During this time, the Kennedy Recreation Complex pool remains closed.

“We want to find out the truth,” TJ’s father said.

“We just don’t want this to happen again. We wish we could get him back. I would give anything to hold him back again,” TJ’s mother said.

On Sunday, the family will hold a wake for TJ

His funeral is Monday.

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