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On Saturday, Penn State hosted its annual “Skate for a Cure” game at Pegula Ice Arena.

The Nittany Lions managed to defeat the Lakers 3-1 at the event, which drew large crowds to the Roar Zone.

During the special event, fans showed up in their pink gear and even wrote who they supported on posters that were wrapped around the rink for those affected by breast cancer.

As for the players and team, they showed their support by wrapping pink tape around their sticks and socks, while shining the ice bright pink with lights before the puck dropped.

Ahead of the game, senior defenseman Rene Gangarosa shared her excitement for Friday’s Skate for a Cure game, just after the team defeated the Lakers to open the series.

“We will have this poster support and everyone will put someone in their life who has been touched by breast cancer,” Gangarosa said. “And as a team, we’re throwing in these pink shirts and headbands just to show our solidarity.”

Prior to the game and the Roar Zone fill-up, Hugh Walton said he had a personal connection to breast cancer awareness.

“My mother died of breast cancer,” said Walton (senior aerospace engineer). “It’s really the least I can do to raise awareness of something that is terrible and taking a lot of people too soon.”

Besides being here to show his support, Walton is also the head of the student chapter for hockey, so he is present at all games. Walton then shared his expression for people showing up to the games.

“I think it’s very good that people are finally starting to come and show up to games because they’re a really good team with a lot of elite players,” Walton said. “It’s great to give them the respect they deserve.”

Forward Rachel Weiss (29) walks away from the wall after being checked by opponents Mercyhurst during Penn State’s women’s ice hockey game against Mercyhurst Skate for a Cure on Saturday, January 19, 2022 at the Pegula University Ice Arena Park, Pa. Penn State defeated Mercyhurst 3-1.

Junior Jenna Flatley expressed how awesome it is to see everyone coming together and supporting a general cause at Pegula Ice Arena.

“I feel like everyone here probably knows someone affected by breast cancer,” the advertising major said. “It’s so common, and being able to help these people feel supported is really cool.”

In addition to showing support for Penn State on Saturday, Flatley said she also attends other sporting events that show support for the cause.

However, she mentioned that she tries to attend as many women’s hockey games as possible.

“There are a lot of really good players here, and we have a really good team, so coming here is really fun,” Flatley said. “I’m just developing friendships with all the other people in the student section.”

Flatley said she thinks the crowd at the women’s games is starting to get a little bigger, especially with the men’s game coming up right after.

“It’s really cool when people come to the women’s game and then hang around and stay for the men’s game,” Flatley said.

As fans in the stands have a personal connection to the game today, Coach Jeff Kampersal had positive remarks about hosting the event which raises awareness and attention to breast cancer.

“I think it’s just Penn State and the philanthropic efforts of Penn State and THON and these Skate for a Cures,” Kampersal said. “It’s something that I probably don’t have enough good words to explain, but it’s just genuine – it’s so passionate here at Penn State.”

Kampersal explained that while fans are affected, there are a few players and things going on in the lives of his athletes that they know about but the public doesn’t.

“Some of our players are personally affected on a day like today and then they fight for their loved ones,” Kampersal said. “They can also fight for the Roar Zone people.”


In its annual Skate for a Cure game, Penn State captured its fourth series of sweeping seas…

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