Refurbishment of skating facilities completed at Frontier Sports Complex in Naperville

Naperville Park District recently completed the renovation of the skating facility at the Frontier Sports Complex, located at 3380 Cedar Glade Drive, and reopened the facility for skaters to enjoy.

The park district began planning for renovations in 2020, after identifying that equipment needed to be replaced due to normal wear and tear.

The park district consulted with the American Ramp Company to ensure the design and equipment would meet the needs of the skating community.

American Ramp Company is owned and operated by passionate skateboarders, with over 20 years of experience designing and building skateparks in the United States and around the world. Their representatives worked with park district staff to conduct an initial survey of skaters in the community to understand their desires regarding the design of the skating facilities. The resulting design is a reflection of the feedback received to create a facility that will be accessible to all ages and abilities.

The layout of the renovated skating facility can be viewed at

The facility includes street and ramp skating elements, a shade shelter and a Naperville Park District logo.

The park district plans to begin the design process in 2022 for a 2023 renovation of the skate facility at Centennial Park, pending approval of the district’s 2022 budget.

This facility was built in 2004 just west of Centennial Beach and is also in need of renovation due to heavy use and wear and tear.

“Skateboarding remains a popular activity for the youth and young adults in the community, and the park district is pleased to offer skating facilities both in downtown and south of Naperville,” said Eric Shutes, Director of Planning.

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