Roller skaters slip gruesomely at Halloween-themed party – NBC Los Angeles

What there is to know

  • Moonlight Rollerway at 5110 San Fernando Road in Glendale
  • The Halloween-themed skating party for all ages takes place on Sunday, October 30 from 8-11 p.m.
  • $19 general admission; $7 skate rental

Roller skating has a lot in common with Halloween, and we don’t even have to go too far, or perform too many complicated figure eights or scissor maneuvers, to come to that conclusion.

suit ? The popular recreational activity and the weird October holiday are both super awesome, and by “snazz it up” we mean sparkly socks, colorful tops, and the like.

Candy? You’ll find a candy zone at the snack counter of a classic roller rink, just like you’ll find festive candy in a pumpkin-shaped bucket after a series of tricks.

And orange? Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but slide with us: the wheels and orange bumper of a classic rental skate are still reminiscent of the classic Halloween color.

So when the vibes of wicked, whimsical occasion mingle with a special night of roller skating, we’re in for a spooky ride. And that’s exactly what will happen, or perhaps “askate” is more appropriate, at Moonlight Rollerway on the eve of Halloween.

That’s right: it doesn’t happen on Halloween night but rather on October 30, the Sunday just before the haunting holiday.

Guests at Destination Glendale can enjoy three hours of monstrously cheerful music and, yes, the costumes are fine (but read up on the ruleslike that anything you wear “shouldn’t interfere with vision or skates”.)

The Halloween themed skate party may feature some of the Halloween-inspired tunes you love the most, or you might discover a cool, spooky song you love. That’s the beauty of those seasonal hits that come back every year: some you know by heart and others that suddenly capture your fancy for the first time.

General admission is $19, and if you need skates, you can rent them “at the door” for seven dollars.

Add to the festive air?

October is National Roller Skating Month, so strap on your favorite boots for a shake-up session at one of the world’s best-known ice rinks, it’s the perfect way to commemorate it.

And Moonlight Rollerway, which crept into our skate-obsessed worlds more than six decades ago, truly deserves the title of “one of the world’s best-known skating rinks” as it regularly appears on television and in the movies, making him a skating star. for the ages.

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