Roller skating is back in fashion in Bolton after the Navada fire

BOLTON is experiencing a new boom in roller skating, more than 30 years after the town’s once popular Navada rink burned down.

Young couples on first dates, friends on birthdays and families taking the kids to learn, all loved the Nav, as it was called, at Spa Road.

It was all the rave back then, when roller skating was the thing to do on the weekends, and for Navada it worked out successfully until the people who loved him started getting old and stop going there.

James at the Nevada Ice Rink.

After the old Navada burned down in 1989, it seemed like roller skating was a thing of the past.

But now, after many years, thanks to TikTok and shutdowns, the activity is back and with celebrities performing all sorts of fashion stunts on wheels, the younger generations are loving it.

The Bolton News: James at the Nevada Roller Rink.James at the Nevada Ice Rink.

Nevada will bring back memories for people who once skated at the old site.

Dennis said, “We’ve definitely seen more people come in now from TikTok and stuff.

“We have people of all ages coming in and we’re seeing new people we’ve never seen before.

“We even work a lot with schools because that’s what it’s all about, letting the kids have fun.”

With teachers coming to coach children and even adults, almost anyone, regardless of age, can join in the fun.

The Bolton News: James at the Nevada Roller Rink.James at the Nevada Ice Rink.

Dennis said: “When people come from all over the country they say it’s small but they love it.

“We don’t have multiple rooms like the old one, but we have music, lights and fun.”

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