Skate into summer with a preview of the NEW speed skating rink built for the 2022 World Games

We can’t wait to see the athletes skate to victory. (Olivia Moses / Bham Now)

The Powell Steam Plant is not only home to Birmingham’s newest development and the Parkside area of ​​Birmingham, it is now a unique venue for the 2022 World Games. This new asphalt speed skating rink will see many athletes come in July. Let’s take a look at what’s to come.

So, what is this mysterious lead?

speed skating track
When the asphalt track suddenly appeared, people became curious. (Olivia Moses / Bham Now)

Wondering what the mysterious track next to the Powell Steam Plant is for? You’re not alone (we’re looking at you — U/PitlinChimp on Reddit). Our sources have confirmed that he is indeed the venue for the 2022 speed skating event and we have a preview.

First, let’s define what speed skating is.

According to the TWG website—

“Speed ​​skating is racing on inline skates. There are two categories of speed skating: track and road. On the track, the race takes place on a skating rink (an arena for this sport) with banked turns of 200 meters in circumference. En route, races may be held on regular pavement. The tracks are marked by several pylons which create a road course.

Based on this information, we can imagine that while the track competitions take place at the Hoover Metropolitan Complex, the road competitions will be held right here at the Powell Steam Plant.

According to The World Games 2022, construction on the track is expected to be completed on June 24, just in time for the start of the Games. The track is 200 meters long and will be covered with a synthetic resin called Vesmaco, which is only made in Italy.

In case you need a visual, here’s their guide to ALL the roller sports that will be at the 2022 World Games:

And the speed skating track after the Games?

speed skating track
The Powell Avenue Steam Station in Birmingham’s Parkside. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Although sources are unable to release information on post-Games space and/or track use, we can guarantee that it will be put to good use. According to the World Games 2022 team, it will have to be retired after the Games.

Recently, news broke the exciting addition of Alabama’s first Alamo Drafthouse to the Old Factory with several exciting tenants. On the first floor of the building, restaurants and commercial spaces will be kings. On the mezzanine level, be on the lookout for rental opportunities or office space. People are hungry for updates on what the space, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, will become.

Construction on the new space is set to begin this summer and will hopefully be temporarily suspended as the World Games take over the city for 10 days.

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