Skate Story is a dreamlike skate game coming out next year

It’s quite an atmosphere

Sometimes it’s enough to skate. And sometimes you make a deal with the devil and you really, really just have to skate. skateboarding history is a game about the latter, coming in 2023.

Featured at today’s Devolver Digital Summer Showcase, skateboarding history speaks of a pact with the devil. You, as a demon made of glass and pain, must skate to the moon and swallow it to earn your freedom. Simple enough, right?

Seeing it in motion, however, is something else entirely. That reminds me Thumper, but with relaxing music and gross kickflips. I probably watched the trailer below at least half a dozen times already.

The camera angle is absolutely stunning too. It’s shown in a way that reminds me of old skate videos. As you journey through the underworld, you’ll also get new bridges, wheels, and trucks, plus a host of tricks to really add style to your cruise.

Skate through it all

Skateboarding games are always interesting to me, but even in the last two years, skateboarding has been reinvented in fascinating ways. The ramp put a minimalist twist on the raw action. And OlliOlli World takes a level-based approach with a story and objectives that really added a lot to the experience.

That’s what excites me skateboarding history in this trailer. It’s a completely different atmosphere, and the more I see it, the more I really stick to it. Developer Sam Eng posted some great technical looks to the rounds in play, and they’re just a joy to watch.

Suffice it to say, I can’t wait to pull off some crazy stuff in the surreal dream world of skateboarding history when it arrives in 2023. That’s on Steam nowif you want to add it to your wish list.

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