Skateboarder catches Covid, ends up quarantining himself with Hollywood megastar Jason Momoa

Unfortunately for Erik Ellington, he contracted COVID-19.

But luckily, the pro skateboarder ended up quarantining himself with one of the biggest players on the planet.

To his surprise, Ellington would share a chic cradle with none other than “Aquaman” himself Jason Momoa.

Jason Momoa as Aquaman / Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Entertainment

Momoa believes he caught the virus while attending the premiere of his latest film “Dune” and has since isolated himself.

The Hollywood idol says he’s fine, but also revealed who he was living with in quarantine.

In a video posted to his Instagram story, Momoa can be seen navigating his living room as pro skater Ellington kickflips the stairs behind him.

“Hey everyone, everyone wants to know how COVID is doing, it’s going pretty well, hey Erik,” Momoa says in the clip.

“He’s my new roommate, check this out.”

Ellington then lands a perfectly executed kickflip down the hall.

We don’t know exactly how fan favorite skater Ellington got the coronavirus, but it looks like the two are happy to be in each other’s company on lockdown.

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