Skateboarder Didal tries to sell online to raise money to fuel his campaign

Margielyn during her live sale on Facebook.

CEBU CITY, Philippines— Pay Next.

Cebuana skater and Olympian Margieyn Didal tries to sell online to raise money to feed the people on the streets of Cebu.

Didal, who checked his Instagram account on Saturday, August 21, invited his followers and fans to connect to his live sale on Facebook.

The skater has sold some of her favorite items that she has only used once or twice.

“Will use the money to feed the street children and homeless program,” Didal said.

With his cheerful antics that gained international recognition during his time at the Olympics, internet users all shared their love for Didal and applauded his decision to sell some of his stuff to help others.

Skater Margielyn Didal tries online sales. Skater Margielyn Didal tries online sales.

Didal is expected to play Santa Claus on the streets of Cebu in the coming days with the funds she was able to raise from her live online sale.

Padayon, Marge!


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