“Skater Girl” on Netflix oscillates between tradition and adventure

Manjari Makijany’s directorial debut is marked Skater girl on Netflix, a wellness and coming-of-age sports drama that deserves your attention. Skater girl is coming out today, and here’s why it must be on your watchlist this weekend.

Bollywood is wrong on several points, but it also fixes a lot of things and surprisingly sports drama works almost every time. Thanks to Netflix Originals and other OTTs, we have access to non-traditional movies that capture the idiosyncrasies of the socialite, thus fueling us with much-needed inspiration. Skater girl, which is also billed as India’s first skateboarding film, is an extension of these ideas.

Skater girl story and film cast –

Set in a village in Rajasthan, the film revolves around 15-year-old Prerna (played by Rachel Sanchita Gupta), who is completely impressed with the new sport after it was introduced to her by Jessica (played by Amrit Maghera). Skateboarding, a booming sport in India, acts as a catalyst for change in Prerna’s life, making her believe that small steps can lead to big transformational life lessons. The film also highlights multiple layers of caste, class and gender in an Orthodox society.

Even if Skater girl is fictional, certain aspects of the film resonate with the reality of skateboarders in Janwar in Madhya Pradesh. The story went viral in 2015 when German activist and author Ulrike Reinhard traveled to Jamwar and discovered India’s first skateboarding community, helping young people fall in love with skateboards. Los Angeles-based filmmaker Manjari Makijany took inspiration from the story and co-wrote and produced it with her sister Vinati Makijany under the Mac Productions banner. Makijany has also directed three short films and worked as an assistant director with filmmakers Christopher Nolan, Patty Jenkins and Vishal Bharadwaj on Dunkirk, Wonder Woman and Saat Khoon Maaf, respectively.

An independent film minus the top-tier cast, the film appears to celebrate many premieres in different ways – from actors and writers to themes. Now it is only a matter of time that he amplifies the sport in India, taking it to different parts of the country. Until then, we will continue to support sport through films, and Skater girl sounds like a good start.

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