South Canterbury scores well in speed skating marathon

Grace Worner, 12, of Geraldine, won the Under-15 21-kilometer race at Levels Raceway on Sunday.


Grace Worner, 12, of Geraldine, won the Under-15 21-kilometer race at Levels Raceway on Sunday.

Masters skater and four-time World Representative Shannell Rae beat her two scratch markers Olivia Passos O’Brien (South Canterbury) and Paige Horne (Blenheim) to win the 42 kilometer handicap marathon at Levels Raceway on Sunday.

Horne was in the lead 500 meters from the finish but Passos O’Brien took the lead 300 meters from the finish but was passed just at the line by the experienced Rae, who timed her lunge at the end of the line. perfection.

In the senior men, Daryl Mattingley, another master, put in a superb performance, edging out the scratch scorer and his fellow master Ricky Purukamu.

In the 21km girls under 15, scratch markers Grace Worner (Geraldine), Lauren Crawford (Cave) and Kyla Beveridge (Timaru), dropping up to 3.5km on the front markers, applied the pace of the cannon.

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Claudia Mattingly and Jessica Box also made good use of their handicap and took some catches from the back scorers.

Worner and Crawford moved away from Beveridge, yet to return to full form and have just switched to Mattingly, with Grace Worner’s enduring pair finishing first to second-placed Lauren Crawford.

Coach Bill Begg said it was “a great effort from forward scorer Claudia Mattingley for third, Ivy Tackney a good effort for fourth, Kyla Beveridge fifth, Georgia Kortright sixth, Jessica Box seventh and Layla Rae eighth ”.

“Unfortunately, Gemma Thornley and Charlie Nicol fell halfway through and didn’t finish,” said Begg.

In the boys under 15, Tom Crawford (Cave) made the most of his handicap and never let the back scorers get close to him, allowing him to register his first win in skating. .

Brayden Teague was second and Callum Sandri third.

“[It was] a solid effort from nearby Max Tackney for fourth place, further behind Zachary Tong fifth and Emile Phaff sixth. ”

The 5 km primary was won by Oceania Purukamu and the novice won Phoenix Mattingley.

Total points after seven events, with two to play (a canceled event could not be rescheduled)

Senior men: Ricky Purukamu 138 points, Daryl Mattingley 131, Kaylum McAuley, 85

Senior women: Ella Benson 115, Mikaela McDonald (Nelson) 101, Shannell Rae 91, Olivia Passos O, Brien 74, Charlotte Clarke 60.

Less than 15 boys: Brayden Teague 190, Callum Sandri, Tom Crawford (Cave) 139.

Girls under 15: Grace Worner (Geraldine) 166, Lauren Crawford (Cave) 150, Lilly Pontauge (Blenheim) 118, Issy Stock (Christchurch) 111, Claudia Mattingley 92.5.

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