Test Zoo Skate IPRD – Nintendo Switch


At the end of 2018, the Skate PIRT was first introduced by developer Glass Bottom Games, still exclusively for PC at the time. The title is already based on the branches of “Tony Hawk” and transformed the brightly colored birds with different costumes for the well-known roller-board athletes. A year later, it was announced that it would also operate the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch consoles. This game was finally released a few weeks ago and can now be obtained with the rest from Nintendo Aesop. In the following sections, we’ll tell you if you can keep candles with your model’s stubborn makeup.

The boards and the birds chirp

SkateBIRD walks on well established trails. After starting the game, you can go to the editor, where you can give your bird the appropriate scars and various accessories. This is where one of the strengths of the game becomes evident, as the choice of different customization options is relatively generous and can be expanded even during the game by carefully examining the personal environment.

Certain tasks, including colorful fireworks in the background, trigger events in the game world.

B glass games

If your bird is right for you, you will immediately be pushed to the first level – the apartment of your “great friend”, the owner of the chickens. Here, too, the game shines with charm. In the style of Toy Story, individual curves can be made up of curved petals, rails made of test pencil constructions, and bowls made of swimming pools or real bowls. Unfortunately, the conception of closed worlds cannot always be branded with such creativity and is sometimes volatile.

In terms of gameplay, Skate PIRT is reminiscent of its original “Tony Hawk” games. Trips must be made within limited time frames, which requires knowledge of your surroundings and changing the structure of entire stages from time to time to complete them. The concept of control has been almost completely accepted. If you’ve ever bet on any Inspiration part, you need to find your way around Skateboarding pretty quickly.

For any beginner, the following is a short form of the basic function. With the help of the jump button your name is Olli. When you press this button, you increase the speed, releasing the pressure, your palpitations and your plank jumps. While in the air, you can use other buttons with a directional key to perform tricks.

The success record is awarded with a score and the stopwatch starts. If you complete another round within the allotted time, this timer will be reset and its number of points will be added to the previous ones – so that the laps can be combined and get particularly high scores. You can’t get off the skate at the PIRT, but you can slow your bird down. The ability to do a double jump is only special. If you press the jump button again when you are already in the air, you can lift yourself off the ground a bit more by flapping your wings.

The set of tricks certainly includes the classic nose tomb, in which the front of the board is placed in the air by hand – with the hook in this case.

B glass games

Unfortunately, the overall feel of the game is very dull and mellow. The camera also sometimes leaves a lot to be desired and sometimes neglects the job of capturing the game properly. The basic principle of PIRT skateboarding and public fun is therefore greatly affected. This often leads to disappointment in front of the screen and helps successful ideas take a back seat.

In terms of appearance, the title is the most useful. The displayed graphics are in no way related to unstable performance. The portable mode of the TV and Nintendo Switch still has choppy columns, which are not necessary for the precision required for the controls. After all, the soundtrack can be trusted. The combination of original songs and the whole pop-punk song is successful – just like your virtual wardrobe – you can expand to add additional tracks by carefully reviewing the levels. If you don’t like a particular song, you can uncheck it in the Related Options menu so that it won’t be included in the playlist.


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