The Baguio City Roller Skating Rink is gaining traction on Facebook with this photo

Photo of young tourists enjoying their time at Baguio City’s roller rink, uploaded July 16, 2022. (The STAR/Andy Zapata Jr.)

A skating rink in Baguio City has recently gained popularity online.

Philippine STAR talked about this roller skating park at Burnham Park called the “Baguio Skating Rink” in the country’s “summer capital”.

According to the report, visitors can rent rollerblades or roller skates to enjoy the park.

Roller skate rentals cost 150 pesos per hour, while roller skates cost 120 pesos per hour.

The report also released a short video showing local tourists skating around the rink.

One of the photos in the report caused the most buzz on Facebook.

The image showed a tourist who appeared to fall after trying to skate. She was also surrounded by her three companions.

At the time of writing, the photo has garnered 21,000 reactions, 3,100 comments and 2,400 shares.

Many of the comments under the photo were witty remarks in reference to the post’s caption, which reads, “Local tourists enjoy roller-skating at Burnham Park in Baguio City on Saturday.”

“Yeah. Mukha nga silang nag-enjoy,” one Facebook user said.

“Feel ko yung enjoy ni ate,” wrote one Facebook user with heart-eye emojis.

“Yeah…She looks like nag-eenjoy to da max,” another online user commented.

Others hoped to be able to visit the city of Baguio because of the photo and the functionality.

They tagged their friends and family and invited them to visit the tourist destination.

Baguio Ice Rink is among the places visited by tourists in Baguio City apart from iconic destinations such as Mines View Park, Wright Park, Botanical Garden, Mansion, among others.

The popular Cité des Pins, meanwhile, is currently under COVID-19 Alert Level 1.

This means that individuals, residents or not, can travel to Baguio City by registering with Baguio Visita for their transit passes.

The rest of the guidelines can be viewed on the city’s public information office Facebook page.

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