The Canucks will release the skate jersey again on Tuesday night

The Canucks are undefeated in regulation while wearing the skate jersey the past three seasons.

If the Vancouver Canucks don’t make the playoffs, they may as well look good.

At practice Monday morning, the Canucks wore their usual array of multi-colored practice jerseys: green, blue, white, red and black. Their pants, gloves, and helmets, however, were uniform black and featured a familiar orange and yellow logo.

The Canucks have confirmed that they will in fact be wearing their black skate jerseys Tuesday night against the Seattle Kraken. It’s the second time they’ll wear the iconic ’90s jersey this season.

Whether fueled by nostalgia or a legitimate appreciation for its retro aesthetic, the skate jersey is definitely a fan favorite. Or maybe the reason it’s so popular is because the Canucks play so well when they wear it.

The Canucks’ only appearance with the skate jersey was on February 24 against the Calgary Flames and it was their best performance all season. They completely outplayed the top team in the Pacific Division, beating the Flames 7-1.

“We just set a standard for the rest of the year,” JT Miller said after the win. “It’s not winning by six goals, but it’s playing the right way, being keen on special teams, being ready to start the game. We have a standard – we have to play it from We shouldn’t settle for anything more than that.

The Canucks played well for most of the rest of the season after that win, although they never quite matched that standard. Maybe it was because they weren’t wearing the skate jersey.

Fans may love the jersey but players love it almost as much.

“I said this before the game, I said this to Millsy, these should be our shirts all the time,” Conor Garland said. “They are beautiful.”

Miller agreed.

“I love the shirts, they’re great,” Miller said. “It’s very old school and I like it. I would love to wear them at home every time, it’s probably the best shirt.”

The magic of the skate jersey dates back to the 2019-20 season, when they wore it four times during the team’s 50th anniversary celebrations. They went 3-0-1 in the skate, with their only overtime loss to the Colorado Avalanche, but even that game featured a last-minute fly-skate-fueled magical comeback to tie the game.

This means that over the past three seasons, the Canucks are 4-0-1 while wearing the skate jersey. Extrapolate that over a full 82-game schedule and it’s a record 66-0-16 for 148 points to break the record held by the Montreal Canadiens 1976-77 with 132 points.

Simply put, the Canucks should definitely switch to the full-time skate jersey next season.

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