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A portal to the Upside Down has opened in Brooklyn.

Or better yet…

Eleven and her pals ask New Yorkers for help at ‘Stranger Things: The Experience,’ where Hawkins Lab now sits along the East River and has created a doorway into the alternate universe of the hit Netflix series .

During the interactive fan experience, which is now open at the Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, guests are immersed in an original “Stranger Things” storyline developed by the show’s creators. The tour concludes with photo ops on recreated sets from the show, which returns May 27, nearly three years after the previous season’s release.

Duggal Greenhouse at Brooklyn Navy Yard creates a nearly 40,000 square foot “Stranger Things” universe. Credit: The Stranger Things Experience c/o NETFLIX

Entering under the guise of a sleep study, tour guests become test subjects as they are divided into lab groups to unlock their secret powers. These powers are eventually used to evade a Demogorgon attack and enter the Upside Down in hopes of helping Eleven save the day.

The experience combines the special effects of a Universal Studios 3D ride with a telekinetic escape room.

After touring the Lab and Upside Down, guests enter an area called the Mix-Tape, where they are transported back to the 1980s. The nostalgia captured in “Stranger Things” comes to life in the form of a roller skating rink, an arcade, a video rental store and other long-lost relics.

Mike Gavin / NBC

Get an ice cream sundae at Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Parlor. Credit: Mike Gavin

Grab a sundae at the Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Parlour, a slice at Surfer Boy Pizza or a cocktail at The Upside bar (there are also plenty of boxes of Eggo waffles available on-site). Or just stretch out on the sofa in the Byers’ living room – which is complete with an alphabet wall adorned with Christmas lights, missing posters for Will and Joyce’s cigarette butts.

“As you walk into the Mix-Tape, walking around, you see a lot of familiar things, but you also see new elements,” said tour general manager George Anthony. “So we have Hellfire Club, which is a new element in season four. We have Surfer Boy Pizza and also Rink-O-Mania.”

Interact with the costumed staff, whether it’s one of Dr. Martin Brenner’s inviting but menacing scientists, a curious colleague of Nancy and Jonathan from the Hawkins Post seeking answers about the lab, or a cheerful employee of Scoops Ahoy wearing a sailor hat like Steve and Robin.

Oh, and the staff won’t break their 1980s character. Kudos to Scoops Ahoy’s Melissa, who when asked what music she listens to, answered Bruce Springsteen and Cyndi Lauper.

“We take it back to the 80s,” Anthony said.

MixTape c/o NETFLIX

Tour guests enter the Mix-Tape where they can take photos on recreated sets from the show. Credit: MixTape c/o NETFLIX

Tickets for the tour, which runs Wednesday through Sunday, are $54 per person and are currently on sale through July 31. The experience, which follows the success of interactive “Stranger Things” pop-ups that brought the Upside Down to Times Square and Los Angeles in 2021, will also open in San Francisco and London later this year.

But for now, Eleven, Mike, Dustin, Lucas, Max, Erica, and Will have made their way from Hawkins, Indiana, to Brooklyn, New York.

And they were followed by Demogorgons, many of whom are on the loose – and one who is even available for a photo op.

Mike Gavin / NBC

Escape a Demogorgon attack with the help of Eleven and her friends. Credit: Mike Gavin

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