The new M CON racing boat is a product of the ‘Craftsmanship And Passion’ skate team

Including their new 38-foot Super Cat-class race boat, Tyler and Lindsey Miller have owned six catamarans from Skater Powerboats in Douglas, Michigan. Their new 388 CON M cat is yet another work of Skater artwork, and if you look closely you’ll catch him being sanded in the recent Speed ​​On The Water video “In The Lead With Peter Hledin”.

Now in the early stages of rigging at the Performance Boat Center in Osage Beach, Mo., under the watchful eyes of multi-brand dealership Myrick Coil, who drives the M CON chat with Miller on the helm, and crew chief Jake Leckliter.

It took a whole village to build Miller’s new Skater 388 race boat. With a little help from Photoshop, this image features (left to right) Skater’s Jodie McGee, Tom Brower, Steve Schultie, Jake Schultie, Hector Chavira, Hector Chavira, Jr., Luis Chavira, Tim Gonzales, Mike Veldhoff, Joe Kelemen, Michael Hledin, Ervin Besic, Timothy Jones, Joey Kelemen, Uriel Estrada, Ken Gerome, Nate Gonzales, Neil Sutton, Robert Bloom, Al Williams and Armando Garcia. (Not pictured: Peter Hledin, Frank Marquez, Connie Maciel, Ross O’Connor, Jorge Contreras, Paul Marlink Jim Johnson and Tony Cutsuries.

The assembly deadline is tight. The boat, which arrived at the Performance Boat Center with a mostly bare hull, is to be ready for the season opener of the American Power Boat Association Offshore National Championship Series May 19-22 in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

But what the Millers are most concerned about right now is the gratitude and appreciation of the entire Skater Powerboats team.

“Lindsey and I traveled to Skater on March 30 to take delivery of our new Skater 388 race boat and were absolutely blown away – again – by the craftsmanship and passion for perfection that is instilled in every boat. built by Skater, specifically the new 388 racing boat CON M the race will campaign in 2022,” Tyler Miller said. “The hard work and dedication that everyone at Skater puts into their craft does not go unnoticed by the entire boating and racing community.

“Here’s to everyone who, in one way or another, had the hand, the blood, the sweat or the tears to make another masterpiece a reality,” he said. added. credit due to them.

The boat’s Sterling Performance engines arrived at the Performance Boat Center last week and installation is underway. Electrical work is expected to begin this week and cockpit construction will begin shortly.

“It takes a small army to do it all,” Miller said.

Look for a story later in the coming weeks on chronicling the rigging of M CON’s 388 Skater race boat at the Performance Boat Center.

Peter Hledin, owner and founder of Flanking Skater Powerboats, Lindsey and Tyler Miller have owned six catamarans from the much-lauded builder.

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