The renovation of the skate park in suspense

TUPELO, Miss (WTVA) – Plans to redesign and improve a popular skateboarding spot in Tupelo ran into a problem last night. Tupelo city council members rejected a plan to renovate the Hank and Helen Boerner skate park in Ballard Park.

COO Don Lewis said the bid received for the construction project was well over budget.

Matt Robinson is among the people who worked with the city to build the park originally and is among those who worked on the expansion plan. He said the metal structures installed during the construction of the park are starting to show signs of wear and should be replaced.

Robinson said the plans include removing the central portion of the concrete slab. He said they would build new concrete skating features. Robinson said they also wanted to build a skating bowl. He said the rising cost of building materials, including concrete, steel and timber, was having an impact on the project.

Alex Farned, the director of parks and recreation, told council last night that the only bid received for the work had a base price of $ 548,000. With the additions, he said the total cost would be closer to $ 640,000. He recommended that the board reject the offer.

Farned says the city is dedicated to building the skate park. He said they had a budget of $ 300,000. He said they were reviewing the specifications to build the park and would look for bids again to do the job. Farned says he hopes the changes will open the project up to more companies to bid.

Robinson said skateboarding has grown in popularity in recent years. The International Olympic Committee added it to new events at this year’s Tokyo Olympics.

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