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Teams from Hiwassee-based Blackstone Construction were seen putting the finishing touches to the concrete slabs that will soon serve as the basketball and skateboarding grounds off 1st Street in Pulaski. Although nearing completion, the workers were preparing for a final step in the process.

“We’re about to put a clear coat on it to seal it,” said Chaz Crawford of Blackstone. “It keeps it from getting moisture because in winter, if there’s a lot of moisture on it or inside… then it gets cold and freezes and expands. This will then break it up and blow the top off, so we’ll try to seal it up and make sure that doesn’t happen. “

The basketball court is of course flat but will this skate park contain the jumps and ramps so often associated with these facilities?

“That wasn’t the plan for this one,” said John Viers, founder of Blackstone Construction. “They barely had enough money to do what they did.”

According to Crawford, ramps and jumps for skateparks are often made with pre-molded shapes and then transported to skateparks by truck.

“They will be installed with cranes and what they will end up doing is drilling through the concrete and then epoxying the bolts,” Crawford explained. “When it falls into place, it’s harder than concrete.

How long will these concrete slabs last?

“It will last 100 years if they don’t break everything,” Viers said.

“As long as they don’t put a lot of weight on it, it will stay forever,” Crawford added.

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