There’s still time to spin the pacific ice skaters – NBC Los Angeles


What there is to know

  • Paséa Hotel Huntington Beach
  • Until January 2, 2022
  • $ 30; Home and living packages are also available; book your time and date in advance

Engage in an authentic and memorable way with the Pacific?

This can be done by pursuing so many delicious, entertaining, and very wet hobbies.

You can swim, of course, or put your toes in the nearest wave, if that’s your preference. Surfing is a popular choice, bodyboarding is loved and going out on the ocean by boat? People really do that.

But the truth is this: Putting on a pair of ice skates in Southern California and attempting to slide across the nearest ocean surface is a plan best left out.

For the Pacific, at least around those parts, remains wonderfully humid, making winter water-centric activities rather difficult (except, of course, the famous New Years Day polar bear dives).

Placing an ice rink near the Pacific, however, is a happy response to this situation. And that’s exactly what the Pasea Hotel in Huntington Beach has done, giving sand, sun and scarf lovers an effervescent outing that combines the beach and cold-weather whimsy.

The ice rink will be open until the New Years weekend, if you’re looking for another sunny way to celebrate the holidays before closing the season book.

You’ll need to reserve your day and time before you go, and tickets start at $ 30.

There are also a few packages, including the Stay & Skate. Booking a fire pit is a possibility, and there are treats to savor, including hearty entrees like fried butternut dumplings.

And, of course, the must-have hot chocolate, which is always good to sip by the ocean, good to sip on an ice rink, and good on an ice rink next to the ocean.

The 2021-2022 holiday season saw fewer seasonal rinks in Southern California, but this attraction adjacent to the hotel has kept the holiday vibe and vibe going throughout December, and now in the first two days of January as well.

“Skate + Chill Where Sand Meets the Snow” is the vibe of this stylish place, which gives lovers a chance to ice skate near the ocean, as skating the ocean in Southern California must forever remain a waking dream.


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