This $10 Million Rink-Diculous Home in Westmount Includes an Indoor Skating Room (PHOTOS)

In a housing market populated by high prices and low affordability for the average person, a particularly generous soul might begin to worry about the lucky few trying to sell a high-priced home. It must be hard to sell a $9.9 million mansion in this economy, right?

But studies seem to show that the wealthiest people with expensive homes are mostly shielded from the vagaries of the market. This is good news for sellers of this opulent Westmount home, which has 26 rooms and a square footage approaching 10,000.

It’s already impressive, but what really sells this house are the views.

Believe it or not, that stunning balcony view is one of the least striking vantage points this mansion has to offer.

Observe the houses of your neighbors thanks to this view from the balcony.Courtesy of Joseph Montanaro

As you enter the massive space, the curves of the house’s facade begin to show their purpose. In the large open dining and entertaining room on the second floor, windows overlook rooftops and trees.

If you look to the right of this photo, you might notice three large metal doors.

Entertainment and dining area with a clear view. Courtesy of Joseph Montanaro

They are two high-end full-size refrigerators that you might see in a restaurant, next to an equally large freezer. Any buyer’s personal chef would have a field day with this equipment, because obviously if you live here you’ll be too busy staring with your mouth open out the windows to do the “cooking”.

The kitchen ready for the chef.Courtesy of Joseph Montanaro

Seen in all its glory, the kitchen has a large cooker and a sturdy island with an integrated sink! We love an extra sink. You might understandably be nervous about the obvious lack of space in the pantry, but it looks like the right corner has extra storage space.

Once you’ve had your fill of caviar, gold leaf, and lobster (which used to be peasant food, I’ll let you know), it might be time to head into the chilled wine cellar. , to grab a crispy bottle of…

The house’s refrigerated wine cellar.Courtesy of Joseph Montanaro

…White Claw?

At this point, you might be wondering where the hockey rink is. To this I say: patience is a virtue. In the meantime, here’s all the glory of the view from the third floor.

The view from the third floor living/dining room.Courtesy of Joseph Montanaro

Wealthy people need bathrooms like the rest of us, but many of the six people spread across this house suffer from anticlimate toilet disorder (patent pending). Look at this state-of-the-art rain shower! Let it fill you with comfort and joy.

But then your eyes fall to the left. Right next to your perfect shower is an ordinary toilet, just sitting there, cutting through the blissful aura of wealth and comfort.

One bathroom in the house, one in six.Courtesy of Joseph Montanaro

The bedrooms adjoining these curious bathrooms don’t offer much beyond the excellent view, but they seem perfectly habitable. There’s a room on the second floor, however, that you’ve been waiting to see. Get ready for: the hockey rink.

The glorious indoor hockey rink.Courtesy of Joseph Montanaro

She is there and isn’t she something. With a synthetic ice floor connected to a workout room and another balcony, this functional yet extravagant room looks rather dark in photos. Someone’s precious little rockstar will have a blast training here, I’m sure.

This Westmount home is currently for sale. If you would like to make an offer (stop laughing), contact Joseph Montanaro at RE/MAX.

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