Thrasher Magazine – 2022 Exposure Skate Winners

Exposure In 2022, more than 200 skaters, trans and non-binary from around the world traveled to Encinitas to try to win a $60,000 scholarship. Check out the recaps and results below. As always, the Exposure Skate event serves as a benefit to help survivors of domestic violence. You can donate here to help.

For those who want the whole event summed up, this is your ticket

Watch them drop off at Poods for the Woodward Street competition

Woodward Street Open: professional finals
1st: Margielyn Arda Didal – $6,000
2nd: Wenhui Zeng aka ZOE — $3,000
3rd: Ricci Tres — $2,000

Woodward Street: Intermediate
1st: Kylie Frank
2nd: Jessica Perlmutter
3rd: Vilja Lundmark

Woodward Street: Advanced
1st: Secret Lynn
2nd: Aoi Fukuda
3rd: Leyou Zeng

Woodward Street: best ride
Wenhui Zeng (Zoe) — $1,500

Sliding tiles and link lines, catch all the burning bowl here

Open Bowl: Pro
1st: Kihana Ogawa – $6,000
2nd: Yuzuki Mizote — $3,000
3rd: Ruby Lilley – $2,000

Bowl: Advanced
1st: Juno Matsuoka
2nd: Nico Suganami
3rd: Aoi Fukuda

Bowl: Intermediate
1st: Mazel Alegado
2nd: Kate Kuno
3rd: Alicemay Abagian

Bowl: Golden 30 and above
1st: Deise Reis
2nd: Jessie Frietze-Armenta
3rd: Kim Peterson

Bowl: Longest front grind
Cona Suganami—$1,000

Bowl: Longest back grind
Harlow Johnsey—$1,000

Bowl: longest slide
Jordan Santana—$1,000

Catch all the high-flying action of the Pura Vida Vert competition

Pura Vida Green Open: Pro
1st: Ruby Lilley – $6,000
2nd: Bryce Wettstein — $3,000
3rd: Yujuan Li — $2,000

Pura Vida Green: Intermediate
1st: Juno Matsuoka
2nd: Michelle Yoon
3rd: Cona Suganami

Green: highest frontal air
Juno Matsuoka—$1,000

Green: Highest Rear Air
Kihana Ogawa—$1,000

Green: fastest lap
Juno Matsuoka—$1,500

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