Toews Blackhawks’ skating plans to play 2021-22 season

This season, the Chicago Blackhawks were playing without a captain. Jonathan toews left the club with a mysterious medical condition, which has never been explained by the organization. Now, several months later, Toews posted a video telling fans exactly why he left and how excited he is to get back on the ice.

“So what they called was chronic immune response syndrome, where I just couldn’t recover and my immune system was reacting to whatever I did. Any kind of stress, whatever I was doing all the way through. throughout the day, had a stress response. So I took time. That was the frustrating part, not knowing how or when we were going to get over the bump. “

Toews is back on the ice in Chicago to prepare for the 2021-22 season.

Without him, the Blackhawks finished the season 24-25-7 and missed the playoffs again. It’s been six years since Chicago won a playoff round (not counting last year’s bubble qualifying), although that 2015 run ended with the Stanley Cup. The team went through quite a bit of transformation during this time, but Toews’ trio, Patrick kane and Duncan Keith remain on the list trying to reach their previous highs.

Like in Montreal, where GM Marc Bergevin explained previously that he wanted to re-equip himself in time for Shea Weber and Carey Award to always be relevant instead of completing a full rebuild, the Blackhawks seem poised to try and compete for the playoffs again in 2021-22, not tear him down. A return to form for Toews would be integral to any success, especially considering how good he has been in recent years. In the 2018-19 season, he recorded a career-high 35 goals and 81 points, and in the 2019-2020 campaign shortened by COVID, he added 60 points in 70 games.

No matter how much you hate the Blackhawks, it was hard to see Toews on the sidelines and wonder what kind of medical issue he was dealing with. Hopefully that can be put aside or at least managed well enough to see him back on the ice next season.

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