Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 Had The Best Video Game Soundtrack Ever And It’s Not Even Close

Put this on while you read.

There are plenty of video game franchises with great soundtracks, but none of them come close to the absolute run of Tony Hawk Pro Skater in the early 2000s. The pinnacle of that series was Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. Coming out of the HOT door with “OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW, MOM SAY KEEP IT CLEAN. DO THIS!” (Barstool Confession, I just looked at the lyrics and learned that this song is censored, BI didn’t know the lyrics. I refuse to believe this is correct and will continue to sing it wrong).

Running through the game to their random mix of songs, there’s never been a time when you felt the need to skip a song. Each of them was a banger.

The only bad thing about it was that the songs were almost impossible to find. The only way to listen to them was in-game because the radio wasn’t playing Lagwagon or Powerman 5000. On top of that, it was before the days of shazam. Hell, it was pre-lyric websites. I had no idea what the song titles were or their actual lyrics. I remember waiting for the end credits, writing each song down on a piece of paper, then going to the local library to try to figure out which song matched the lyrics. The satisfaction I had when I finally figured it out on May 16 by Lagwagon was a sense of accomplishment that I will never know again in my life.

Join me tonight and relive the greatest soundtrack of all time (assuming Xbox didn’t spoil it when it remastered). Leave a comment on the video if you think there’s a game with a better soundtrack and we’ll flag it next week.

PS Shoutout to this game for my very first introduction to Flava Flav. Made me love it even more when Flava of Love took over the world. Well done Hoopz.

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