Two parks, one goal for Meridian

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – The Queen City has grown with the addition of new businesses and attractions. The city now has a food truck fleet and plans to build a skate park for all cyclists.

People can take their favorite food on wheels to downtown Meridian thanks to a one-stop food truck park at 2401 5th Street. We caught up with one of the operators to find out how business is going.

“It’s our life. It’s something I like to do. I love coming here. People come looking for good food. They come to bring me good things. It made me more picky,” said D&T Grill owner Tyler Hopson.

The skating community will no longer have to skate on the streets or on private property as city leaders move forward with construction of a skate park in Meridian. Jaywaun Johnson has been a skate park advocate since it was just an idea in 2020.

“Updates regarding the skate park. Grindline is the build and design company for skate parks across America. They came here, and we had a community meeting. We reduced it to two points. One of these places is Ben Arthur Davis Park. Everything should go in the right direction as far as we know. Personally, I’m ready to go, fundraisers and everything. So as soon as I get Ty’s okay, I can do my job,” Johnson said.

We spoke with another person who is excited about the park’s progress.

“This is another exciting part of Meridian’s rebirth. I think I mentioned in our conversation that when I came back from DC and saw the borders coming down the road, I thought, wow, we’re really turning a corner. This is progress, and I’m thrilled the city has committed to this idea. We’re working on the process right now, but a clean, safe environment for something like an off-road park is a winner for this community, and it’s just another part of the downtown rebirth,” said skate advocate Jerome Trahan.

Skateboarding could be an added sport at the State Games with the possible addition of a skate park at Meridian.

The food truck fleet has been open since May 2. Owner Jimmy Copeland issued a statement on the park’s progress.

He said: “The challenge has been to get food truck vendors to commit to a schedule that will allow the public to be notified of their availability. Consistency is the key to success! We welcome all truck sellers who would like to park.

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