Vanessa Bauer’s father dies – Professional ‘Dancing on Ice’ skater Vanessa Bauer’s father has died after battle with cancer

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  • October 1, 2021

Vanessa Bauer

Professional “Dancing on Ice” skater Vanessa Bauer’s father dies after cancer battle

Vanessa Bauer’s father has passed away.

Professional “Dancing on Ice” skater “suffers so much” after her father died from cancer, and she honored him and vowed to “dream bigger, work harder and find happiness” as he always wanted to.

She wrote on Instagram: “Last week I lost my dad. It hurts so much but dad always wanted us to pursue our dreams and goals and never be distracted from the difficulty of things at home. – for 6 years…

I didn’t talk about what we were going through because seeing our dreams come true gave my dad strength as he struggled with therapy after therapy.

He was in pain but he was ready to fight, he was certainly not ready to go at all.

My father wanted to meet the man I will marry; he wanted to be a grandfather, explore the world in a motorhome, see my brother graduating from college, and grow old with my mom.

No one loved filming my roller skating videos as much as my dad did …

I wanted you longer in my life but don’t worry dad i will stop crying and keep dreaming bigger, working harder and finding happiness like you always wanted.

Cancer sucks, but we have made great strides in modern cancer treatments through cancer research.

The causes of cancer, courses, therapies, etc. are so different and complex. I’m not a doctor, but I know that our lifestyle choices can prevent certain types of cancer, so I will continue to encourage you to take care of your body because you only have one.

Dad always dreamed: “One day there will be some kind of vaccine against cancer”.

So here is my THANK YOU to scientists, doctors and supporters for their work in beating cancer. (sic) “

Vanessa admitted that she will always “think” of her father and encouraged others to “enjoy” their lives.

She added, “I will always think of you, dad, and I know you watch as I keep doing my thing so you can be happy for us.

Dennis and I will take care of mom.

Life is so precious, guys. Enjoy every moment of the journey (sic) “

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