VIDEO: Australian skateboarder crashes into cameraman and manages to qualify for Tokyo 2020 Olympics final

Skateboarding made its debut at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Although it has been an interesting watch for viewers, going against gravity has not been easy for athletes. Due to the intensity of the sport, some players have even injured themselves.


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However, an unexpected event occurred when a skater crashed into the cameraman. Although this is very unusual, because the players are extremely careful, but sometimes they lose control. One such incident took place at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics when a 17-year-old Australian ran into the cameraman during skateboarding qualifying rounds.

Skateboarder still qualifies for Tokyo 2020 Olympics final


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In the qualifying round for the men’s skateboarding event, Australia’s Kieran Wooley had an unexpected collision. Wooley was going at a good pace to finish in the top three to reach the final.

However, arriving at high speed, Wooley accidentally collided with the cameraman. Although Wooley tried to stop his board, it was too late and the cameraman took a nasty fall to the ground. Fortunately, nothing serious happened because of the accident.

Woolley, who remained on his board and did not lose his balance, rushed over to the cameraman, leaving his run to watch him. Then the 17-year-old continued his race and qualified for the final.

Cameraman shows professionalism records Wooley’s apology

After falling to the ground, the cameraman gave Wooley a thumbs-up, informing the skater that he was fine. The 17-year-old then reached out to the cameraman with an apologetic punch.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics – Skateboarding – Men’s Park – Preliminary Round – Ariake Urban Sports Park – Tokyo, Japan – August 5, 2021. The cameraman gives Australian Kieran Woolley a thumbs up after Woolley collides with him. REUTERS / Mike Blake

The guy behind the camera showed his dedication, as he did not miss the opportunity to record. As Wooley leaned in for the punch, the operator recorded the moment for viewers to watch.

Wooley then qualified, scoring 82.62 to secure a place in qualifying. However, he finished fifth in the final, missing the podium.


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Another Australian skater wins gold with his superb trick

Another Australian skater in the scrum, Keegan Palmer, won the gold medal in the final event. He used a very hard trick to get the medal. The 18-year-old revealed his secret round of a “kickflip 540” in the final, leaving everyone stunned.


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about 17 hours ago


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Keegan improved his qualifying score from 94.04 to 95.83 in the final and won the gold medal. He and his trainer had been practicing the secret trick for years, but he finally mastered it just before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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