Weigh in at the future skate park in Geer Park

The city plans to create another skate park at Geer Park, with plans for construction in 2024. It would be the city’s second after the Marion Square skate park.

A render of the location of a future skate park in Geer Park. (Courtesy / City of Salem)

In a few years, Salem could have a new skate park in Southeast Salem and the city wants residents to have a say.

A poll released Tuesday asks people to share their priorities for skate park features at Geer Park.

The survey is available until November 16, but there will be several opportunities to weigh in during the 6-month design process.


Salem currently only has one skatepark, that of Marion Square Park.

It opened in 1995, and an op-ed in the Statesman Journal and a letter to the editor at the time described the idea as a healthy outlet for bored Salem teens.

“Salem used to be as tolerant of youthful exuberance as Sister Mary Joseph was of spitballs in history class. That is, not very, ”wrote Maren J. Wryn in a 1995 letter to the editor. “If you are a teenager and you wear loose clothing and a hat inside out, most Salemites recognize you as a threat to society. “

She said the skatepark gave Salem a chance to separate the “wheat from the chaff”.

A September 16, 1995 article described newly finished skating bowls bringing the park to life, with skateboarders, inline skaters and BMX riders crisscrossing the concrete bowls.

“Not so long ago, a sunny afternoon would have seen Marion Square deserted, save for an occasional drug dealer or a few sleeping homeless people. Not anymore,” the article said.

Rob Romanek, park planner, said the city has updated its parks master plan over the past two years and during this process a skate park is a high priority.

It will be located on the north side of Geer Park next to the existing bike path.

He said the survey will help the city identify who will use the skate park – roller skaters, BMX riders, scooters or boarders.

This can help them determine if they are going to put on a halfpipe or street skating features like rails or ledges.

“What do they want to see that will be useful to them?” he said.

Evergreen Skateparks leads the design process. The company has built several skateparks in the United States, including several in Oregon, such as the Windells Ski Camp skatepark in Mt. Hood and the Luuwit Skate Park in Portland.

The city will use the design to estimate how much it will cost and identify funding. Construction is expected to start in spring 2024.

The skate park will be approximately 20,000 square feet in area, a construction budget of $ 877,500 and features for all ages, abilities and skill levels, according to the survey.

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