Wheelie Disco arrives at Brixton Village Market

A one-night-only event will see Brixton Village markets shut down and transformed into a rollercoaster disco like London has never seen. In partnership with Black Obsidian Audio Systemthe Skate Jam BOSS invites roller skaters to hit the dance floor and show off their moves. On August 8from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., expect moves and tricks you’ll never see on any other dance floor – right in the heart of Brixton Market Street.

What is the BOSS Skate Jam?

The BOSS Skate Jam will see live DJs creating a soundtrack in an open and welcoming atmosphere for skaters and non-skaters alike. Everyone can join in the fun, whether they’re bobbing around the dance floor like a newborn giraffe or skating around everyone. It is a celebration of the importance of the roller skating scene to Black and POC communities in London and overseas, and an event prioritizing the lives and experiences of LGBTQ+ people within these communities. Celebrating these communities, music will be provided by some of London’s top DJs hailing from the London Vogue and QBIPOC nightlife scene. Among those who will bar the bridges, there will be Jay Jay Revlon of the House of Revlon, DJ Kaspaand Mark-Ashley Dupe.

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Franco Manco will throw pies at participants, alongside a pop-up bar of market street Rum. To keep the event accessible and supportive, there will also be a wellness area close at hand.

Not the most confident skateboarder, but still want to participate? Don’t worry as the stewards will be present from the London Roller Skating Club Roller Nation. They will oversee the action and support skaters of all levels. And you can still go if you don’t plan on skating, as tickets for non-skaters are available. You will have access to the bar and the chill-out areas, where you can vibrate and enjoy the night and the music.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your skates, live your John Hughes roller-disco dreams and head to the BOSS Skate Jam.

For more information on tickets, head over to their social media. And remember, it’s BYOS! That means bring your own skates!

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