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PORTLAND— The best from North and South will meet on the ice for all Class B high school hockey balls as the Camden Hills Windjammers and Brunswick Dragon go stick-to-stick and skate-to-skate for state supremacy as the Windjammers and Dragons seek their school’s first state rink championship.

WHO: Class B champion North Camden Hills (13-4) against Class B champion South Brunswick (16-4).

Or: Cross Insurance Arena, Portland.

When: Saturday March 12 at 1 p.m.

How they got here: Camden Hills, the fourth seed in Class B North, beat No.5 John Bapst/Hermon/Bangor Christian/Deer Isle-Stonington 2-0 in the quarter-finals, No.8 Gardiner 9-1 in the semis -final and No. 2 Hampden Academy 5-2 in the Regional Championship.

Brunswick, the second seed in Class B South, beat No. 7 Gorham 8-1 in the quarter-finals, No. 3 Portland’s Cheverus 4-3 in five overtime in the semi-finals and No. 1 Greely of Cumberland 6-4 in the regional championship.

Impact players, Camden Hills: Billy Kurzius (4 goals), Jakob Johnson (11 goals, 4 assists), Camden Powell (2 goals, 5 assists), Aiden Aselton (3 goals, 2 assists), Elias Libby (3 goals, 10 assists), Jackson Bernier ( .921 save percentage), Owen McManus (14 goals, 4 assists), Emmet Marshall (10 goals, 6 assists), Cam Brown (2 goals, 5 assists), Zanni Sabatini (goal, 4 assists) and Rory Carlson ( 3 goals, 2 assists)

Impact players, Brunswick: Nick Marro (21 goals, 8 assists), Zach Stern-Hayes (10 goals, 15 assists), AJ Wolverton (9 goals, 13 assists), Ollie Bateman (11 goals, 10 assists), Gray Perham (9 goals, 9 assists) ) ), Tommy Labbe (6 goals, 8 assists), Joe Marro (7 goals, 6 assists), Brady LaForge (5 goals, 7 assists), Luke Patterson (goalkeeper) and Kennedy Eddy (6 goals, 4 assists)

Outlook: The Windjammers outscored their foes 66-31 in the regular season and playoffs and had a shutout, coincidentally, a 3-0 decision against the Dragons.

The Dragons outscored the teams 94-47 and didn’t hold off a scoreless opponent.

Regardless of the outcome, history will be made on Saturday as the two rink programs battle for their first state title.

Camden Hills coach John Magri pointed out that although his side have a 3-0 win over the Dragons this winter, he expects the enemy the Windjammers face on Saturday to be very different.

He described Brunswick, from the first meeting, as “an unruly team of prima donnas who did not follow the directives of their coaches”.

“Their captain in a news interview on Tuesday [March 8] said their loss to Camden Hills was a pivotal moment for their team,” Magri said. “Where they decided to come together as a team and not lose again, which they didn’t, winning 14 games in a row. So we really don’t know who this team is that we’re going to face and who is born from the ashes of their defeat for us.

“They’re a very physical team,” said Brunswick coach Michael Misner of the Windjammers. ” We know it [and] it may have taken us a bit away from our game last time. We anticipate the physical game they are going to play and we will be ready for it.

Misner said he doesn’t know who will start for his team on Saturday, but will likely make sure Marro, Stern-Hayes, Wolverton and Bateman – all 20-plus scorers – get plenty of ice time in front of goalkeeper Patterson.

“I’m not quite sure yet what we’re going to deploy there,” he said. “We still have practice today [Friday] and we’re going to see what a few different things look like today before we draft our composition map. It may end up being very similar to what it was when we first played Camden Hills with Ollie Bateman in the center of that front row.

Asked what his side need to do to succeed on Saturday, Magri said: “We can only control ourselves [and] what we bring to the game.

“We never really focus on the team we’re playing against or the so-called stars we’ll be up against,” he said. “We play our game and go hard no matter what.”

Billy Kurzius, Jakob Johnson, Powell, Aselton and Libby form the front line from Camden Hills, while Marshall, Sabatini, McManus, Owen Hotchkin and Carlson form the second line, with Bernier between the pipes.

The Dragons had a flair for drama on the ice in the regional tournament. Not only did they defeat Cheverus in the semifinals after five overtimes, but they, like the Windjammers, had an offensive push in the third period to win their championship.

Brunswick scored three goals in 52 seconds against Greely, who, in an eerily similar fashion, extended their lead to 5-2, just as Camden Hills’ three goals in the opening 2:37 of the third period gave them a 5-2 lead over Hampden Academy in the Class B North Final.

“I think the boys have really worked together, they’ve found each other and I think our offense is really starting to click into place a bit,” Misner said. “However, every game, every opponent is different, so we’re just looking at what we can do to be better. [in preparation] for Camden Hills.

Magri said a state championship for a largely unknown school for ice hockey would be a big step forward for the program.

“It would mean a lot to the team because we are just a collection of memories that we create and that is what all young hockey players dream of once they have their skates on,” he said. declared. “It would mean a lot to the rink and the hockey community around it. It would be a huge statement that we have a healthy and positive hockey culture in our community, a culture that someone wants to be a part of.

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